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Restaurant or Hotel consultant for Sushi and other Asian food

From Japanese origin and trained chef, Katsuhiko Miyamoto can assist you and your business. With 40 years chef experience, including menu development, opening new fusion-style sushi and Asian restaurants and chef trainer.

Are you facing challenges with your sushi offering?

Sushi chef competence:

  • Producing consistent sushi
  • Rice may not be consistent
  • Food costs too high
  • Need new fresh and creative ideas

What service can Chef Miyamoto bring to your restaurant or sushi bar:

  • How to make consistent sushi rice
  • How to keep and store fresh fish
  • Teaching proper hygiene standards
  • Setting proper quality control measures
  • Training how to use sushi knife skillfully
  • General knowledge and background of sushi
  • Kitchen training i.e. making rice and accompaniments of sushi

And further……

  • How to develop and introduce new items to your sushi menu
  • Introducing and preparing different sauces
  • Changing plating styles
  • Use of different fish and preparation thereof
  • Manner of speaking and interacting with guests
Sushi at a wedding

Make your enquiry after which a tailored proposal and quotation will be prepared for approval.